Saltwater ¼ oz. Quick Runner


Saltwater 1⁄4 oz. Quick Runner

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
Delta Brown/Tan Brown 9/32” Gold VMC 4/0 – 4939 NI
Silverside Gray Gray 9/32” Silver VMC 4/0 – 4939 NI
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Quik-RunnerA Mighty Little Lure That Catches Mighty BIG Fish!

Weight:  Approx. ¼ oz

This saltwater adaptation of the 2 ½” Quik-Runner is almost identical in appearance to our freshwater version, but engineered to handle larger fish – which it will catch! Instead of the split  ring hook connector, the stainless back eye assembly is rotated 90° to directly accept the open-eye 4/0 siwash hook provided. As a “replaceable”, this lure will easily accept almost any open-eye hook, from size 2 to a 6/0!

A simple but highly effective lure for Salmon, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Walleye, Lake Trout and more!  

  • A Shape- Changer Lure – Bends – Any Direction
  • Compressible closed-cell Body (No “hard-lure” spit on strike)
  • Replaceable Hook (open-eye hook required)


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