Freshwater ¼ oz. Quick Runner


Freshwater ¼ oz. Quick Runner

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
Delta Brown/Tan Brown Gold Eye 9/32” VMC Size 2 – 4939 NI
Silver side grey grey Silver Eye 9/32” VMC Size 2 – 4939 NI
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Quik-Runner A Shape-Changing Lure that will Catch (Almost) Anything That Swims!

Cast or Troll

Weight:  ¼ oz.

Body:  2 ½”

Casting or Trolling, there is no purely right or wrong way to fish this flexible, bendable lure. It simply can do little things other lures cannot do! Most important, it  will catch virtually all freshwater and multiple species of saltwater game fish (in fact we  offer a slightly-modified saltwater version). The split ring of our freshwater version allows damage/replacement or  change-out to a treble hook or multiple types of single e hooks from size 6 to 6/0!           

  • A Shape-Changer Lure – Bends – Any Direction
  • Compressible Body
  • Replaceable Hook (Single or Treble)
  • Weighted Flotation

All MinnowFly lures are made in the U.S.A..


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