Baitfish Jig 5oz. Raised Scale


Baitfish Jig 5oz. Raised Scale

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
Cobalt Mixed Silver VMC 5/0 – 9260 BN
Dark Olive Mixed Silver VMC 5/0 – 9260 BN
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The Baitfish Jig – Raised Scale, 5 oz.

Every standard Baitfish Jig is individually hand-cast and shaped as a flutter jig;  Each is molded with the purest lead and so, slightly bendable for changing the jig’s drift action. All Baitfish jigs come with our in-house, hand-tied assist hook as well as our exclusive “Hookless Marabou Tail “. As such, the hook-free jig bottom  allows jigging over even ugly  bottom structure with a much-reduced chance of hang-up and gear loss. Yet, if preferred, a treble hook can be installed anytime and tracks perfectly beside the pulsing marabou tail. This jig is wrapped internally with a scent-holding material that  will hold a fresh bait marinades or your preferred commercial scent – all day long!.

  • A Shape- Changer Lure – Slightly Bendable
  • Wire-Through Construction
  • Soft-Side Raised Scale Body


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