5” Anchovy Troller ( ¼ oz.)


5” Anchovy Troller

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
Cobalt Blue Grey 5/16” Silver VMC 6/0
Dark Olive Grey 5/16” Silver VMC 6/0
Cod Brown Brown 5/16” Gold VMC 6/0
Pearl Grey 5/16” Silver VMC 6/0 – 9171 NI
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5” Anchovy – A Shape-Changing Double-Ender

Our “footprint” design of weighted, wire-through construction lets fisherman bend this lure up, down or sideways! No leaders, thread or toothpicks to hold shape. Such modification quickly changes retrieve or trolling action – sometimes dramatically, making this lure a serious challenge to replace messy, time-consuming  rigging of  (and sometimes hard-to-get) fresh bait.   Simply, it’s more time in the water —  fishing!!! On the way out, just drop the “Anchovy” into a marinade of fresh bait slurry or use your favorite commercial scent. Lasts all day!

  • A Shape- Changer Lure – Bends – Any Direction
  • Compressible Body
  • Replaceable Hook (Single or Treble)

A Long-Life Lure…

Like most of MinnowFly Lures, this lure now features a replaceable le hook. The Anchovy comes with a premium VMC open-eye siwash hook installed, but the  hooks can be changed for wear or replacement using any other open-eye hook of choice.


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