4 “ Needlefish Troller ( ¼ oz.)


4 “ Needlefish Troller

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
Dark Olive Grey 1/4” Silver VMC 5/0
Cobalt Blue Grey 1/4” Silver VMC 5/0
Cod Brown Brown 1/4” Gold VMC 5/0
Chartreuse Grey 1/4” Silver VMC 5/0
Pearl Grey 1/4” Silver VMC 5/0 – 9171 NI
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4” Needlefish – The lure that can out fish fresh bait rigs

Weight  Approx. ½  oz.


Ling Cod


Rock Fish

Lake Trout Killer

Side-by-Side and on most days, this bendable and flexible lure will match or even out-fish traditional  tied” fresh baitfish rigs in troll. Repeatedly proven in 5 years of commercial (guide) testing  in S.E. Alaska waters. Here’s why (we believe) the results obtained:

  • Lure Construction Does A Lot Of The Job
  • No More Reel-In For A Bait-Check Or Rebait
  • Your Gear Is Always In The Water
  • Overall – More Time Spent Actually Fishing

A Long-Life Lure…

This lure comes with a premium VMC open-eye siwash hook. Designed for commercial or sportfish trolling,  the hook can be changed for wear or replaced with any other open-eye hook of choice


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