3” Repko Minnow


3” Repko Minnow

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
True Blue Marabou Silver TFS 8774 – size 4
True Blue Marabou Gold TFS 8774 – size 4
True Blue Marabou Silver TFS 8774 – size 4
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3” Repko Minnow –   Floats off the Bottom  –  in the Strike Zone

A truly original lure, built around an exclusive and proprietary Kevlar® harness.    Semi-transparent – like a real minnow, you can almost see the internal organs!   A body  so flexible it can almost  be tied in a knot!   Fly fish with a weighted line. Spin-Cast with a Carolina-type rig.   For Trolling, run this lure a short 9-12 inches behind a small or medium Dodger.

NOTE:  Unlike most minnow –pattern streamer flies, this lure puts the HOOK in the right place – at the TAIL of the minnow!   No more “short” strikes!

*Tail component on all flutter jigs is MinnowFly’s in-house tied “Hookless” Marabou, White or Gray;
Assembled and packaged 6 of each color per dozen jigs


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