¼ oz. Drive-‘em-Crazy


1⁄4 oz. Drive-‘em-Crazy

Color Tail Eye Hook Size
Chartreuse White 5/16” Silver VMC Size 4 treble – 9649 BZ
Delta Brown Pumpkin 5/16” Gold VMC Size 4 treble – 9649 BZ
Olive Chartreuse 5/16” Silver VMC Size 4 treble – 9649 BZ
Cool Grey Purple 5/16” Silver VMC Size 4 treble – 9649 BZ
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Drive’em Crazy –  Weight ¼ oz.

Brings  Fish  • Off the Bottom • Out of Heavy Cover!                                                                      

  • A Shape-Changer Lure – Bendable (Any Direction)
  • Compressible Body
  • Replaceable Hook (Single or Treble)
  • Weighted Flotation

A flexible center shaft allows the fisherman to bend this minnow up, down or sideways to quickly and repeatedly adjust and hold a troll or retrieve action.  The 2 ½” rubber-tail body is weighted slightly to reduce the sink rate as a cast lure.  Strong split ring allows hook replacement for condition or almost any size and in either single or treble design.  A universal lure that will simply  do things many other lures will not!


                                                                                     Like  Natural Baitfish

*Tail component on all flutter jigs is MinnowFly’s in-house tied “Hookless” Marabou, White or Gray;
Assembled and packaged 6 of each color per dozen jigs


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